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Why do you need to properly size your swimming pool or spa?

Hydro Royal pool heat pumps is dedicated to assist homeowners and contractors on properly sizing their swimming pools for a pool heat pump. Over the years we have seen many  miscalculations on the amount of BTU's needed to properly maintain the desired temperature on a pool. Pool sizing errors can be very expensive and need to be addressed before the purchase of a pool heater.

What size pool heater do I need for my pool?

Hydro Royal pool heat pumps now offers a free pool heat pump sizing, comparison using a heating costs calculating online form that will help you determine the pool heat pump size that you will need with estimated monthly electrical operating costs and a cost comparison between natural gas and propane pool heaters.
We will need some specific information about your swimming pool like; the location, your desired temperature and pool operating preferences. Once you complete the form and press the "submit" button, results will be emailed back to you shortly in less than 24 hours.







HydroRoyal Logo

We at HYDRO ROYAL pool heat pumps believe in a strong customer service relationship that starts before the purchase of one of our products.

Even though we specialize in heat pumps and had been actively part of the heat pump and pool heating industry in general since 1982, we recognize that sometimes under certain conditions another type of pool heating system might be needed besides a heat pump. This is why this site contains information about all the most commonly known pool heating systems available in the industry.

If you have any questions regarding our line of products or wish to join our network of Hydro Royal  heat pump contractors please visit this page.

This site was developed for educational purposes only and as a working tool for our contractors. If you are a contractor on the field an need an immediate heat analysis please call our office at 1 888 205 7766 for faster assistance.

All inquiries and questions are welcome.




 Hydro Royal is a registered trademark owned by Green Planet Supply, Inc.

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