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This page contains a few of the most important questions asked before the purchase of a pool heater. If you have any questions about the operation, installation or anything related to a pool heater application please let us know. One of our Hydro Royal™ heat pump experts will be very happy to assist you.


  1. What are the health benefits of using a swimming pool?
  2. Why should I heat or cool my swimming pool?
  3. Why do I need to use a solar blanket?
  4. What are the initial installation and system costs of a pool heater?
  5. What size pool heater will I need?
  6. Why is warranty so important?

What are the health benefits of using a swimming pool?

» Exercise! Swimming is an excellent cardiovascular exercise. It is an activity that most people can practice safely without the risk of injury. (Check with your doctor first) It is also an excellent therapy for certain medical conditions. The pool will need to be heated to prevent chilling and problems related to lost of body heat and if the water is heated you can stretch your exercise time until you get tired and not because your are frozen.


Why should I heat or cool my swimming pool?

» A swimming pool is a big investment that deserves to be enjoyed for as much of the swimming season as possible. Not only do we decide to build a pool to add value to our home. We also want to enjoy it with family and friends making the pool a fun place for all to gather around and enjoy. The sun alone usually can't keep a comfortable swimming temperature (78 to 84 F or more) For most location the pool will get above 80 F maybe during the hottest time of a day for a few hours for 2 or 3 weeks in July for the Northern Hemisphere. But what about the rest of the season. What about the early morning and at night after the sun has set?

The "Swimming Season"

This is a term to describe how many months a year you can keep your pool open. It depends on your geographical location and what kind of weather you are experiencing at the moment. Sometimes Spring starts very early or we experience a very mild fall and want to keep swimming as long as possible in cold weather states. These are great conditions to expand your swimming season and start opening that pool early in the year and closing it later. We like to say that if you experience a few days in a row where the temperature doesn't drop below 50 during the day, then you can open your pool and enjoy!

There are places in the USA were people can swim year round but for more states it starts in late April and ends in September or October depending on the weather. Traditionally there is been a saying that says: "Swimming season lasts from Memorial Day to Labor Day." The last few years, we have seen some Hydro Royal heat pump owners in the North East closing their pool in late October and even early November!
Certainly all this is possible because they are using a pool heater with a solar blanket.


Why do I need to use a solar blanket?

» A solar blanket is usually a bubble wrap material that floats on the water and is cut into the shape of the swimming pool. It works by keeping the heat in the water by preventing evaporation. When you use your blanket you are making your heater work less and this means a substantial savings in the fuel or electric bill; up to 75% on savings!
When you see "steam" raising from the pool at night, specially early in the season, this means that all the heat your heater gained during the day is being lost and the next day your heater will need to start raising temperature again and working more. Pools that are not covered can lose up to 10 or 12 degrees° F during the night depending on the temperature, humidity and the wind speed.


What are the initial installation and system costs of a pool heater?

» This depends on the technology that you will be using. Below is a brief summary of each system we discussed before.

Gas Heaters

If it's a natural gas heater then there is a cost involved for the gas piping from the street to your pool area. Which could be around $1,200 to $2000 or more depending how far your pool is from the main gas line. Plus the cost of purchasing the heater.

Propane Heaters

You will need to purchase or rent your tank, have it installed and have the piping run from the tank to the heater. Some areas make you bury the tank and that involves extra expense. You will also have to pay for the initial fill of the tank and that can be 250 to 500 gallons of propane at $2.00 to $4.00 a gallon depending on where you live. (That can change at anytime also as it is not as regulated as electricity) So you will have the installation cost of bringing the tank, installing it in your backyard, plus the cost of purchasing the heater.

Solar Systems

The amount of panels that you will need is determined by the size of your pool. They can add up to 50% of the building cost of your pool. There are a lot of DIY kits for solar systems but if you will be installing them on your roof we recommend a professional.

Pool Heat Pump

The unit itself is around $3000.00 for most size pools. You will need an electrician and a plumber to do the hook up for you. Somewhere around $350 to $800 depending on your electrical situation at the main breaker panel.


What size pool heater will I need?

» This question is the main reason of this site existence. Please refer to more articles and postings on the site for more help or information. We also have a Pool Heater Inquiry Form that you can fill in and we will custom make an answer for you at no cost.

A lot has been said on the Internet and by pool guys on how to properly size your pool for a heater. Humans make mistakes and this could be a very expensive mistake if we are not paying attention to the details. Just the size of your pool is not enough to calculate well, there are other factors that can affect the performance of your heater like how often do you want to use your pool and micro climate conditions in your back yard and the length of the season that you desire.

At Hydro Royal™ we encourage our pool contractors to let us help you and the home owner chose the right size heater for their application.


Why is warranty so important?

» Most pool heating systems out there have a 1 year warranty by the manufacturer. This is not recommended because most problems with heaters start after the first year. Hydro Royal™ has a national Continental USA warranty of 2 years labor and 5 years parts with a lifetime on the titanium heat exchanger.


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