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Hydro Royal™ recognizes that the backbone the industry and of our company is based on the strength, knowledge and commitment of excellence of our dealers. Becoming a dealer means joining a growing team of screened educated heating professionals committed to success. We value our dealers’ investment in our business and in return, we commit to supporting our network of dealers with the best available products, service and support .
To learn how you can become part of the network of dealers, please contact us for more information by e-mail, phone or fill out the form below and we will contact you shortly.
We have several incentive and discount programs available at this time. In order to receive dealer pricing you will need to submit the form below first and apply for dealership status. Discounts are .based on ordering volume. This means that your pricing table will keep improving as you keep ordering more Hydro Royal™ products
We welcome brick and mortar stores, pool builders, pool contractors, pool service companies, HVAC and plumbing contractor and any industry related trade.

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